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Italy: € 1 billion of new incentives available to companies for year 2022

This money can be disbursed as a non-repayable fund and partly as a subsidized loan.

The incentive of the Italian state, called the "Accordo per l'Innovazione" (Innovation Agreement), is aimed at medium-large Italian companies in order to support research and development projects, also in partnership with other companies and / or research organizations such as University.

“the interested companies must submit a project that requires a minimum cost of € 5,000,000, the project evaluation is carried out in a single step, in order to reduce the timing for the assignment and disbursement of contributions, including for involvement of the Italian Regions as co-financiers"


The following kind of Companies can benefit of the funds:

a) of any size;

b) based in Italy;

c) established since at least 2 years;

d) who carry out industrial activities of production of goods or services and transport companies;

e) agro-industrial companies that mainly carry out industrial activities;

f) who carry out ancillary activities in favor of companies referred to in letters d) and e);

g) carrying out research activities, with independent legal personality (research centers).

The subjects listed above can submit projects, up to a maximum number of 5, even jointly with each other.

Contribution of the beneficiaries

Each subject must confer at least 10% of the eligible costs or 5% if they are SMEs.

Types of projects that can be financed

The following projects are eligible:

a) industrial research;

b) experimental development aimed at the creation of new products;

c) processes or services or significant improvement of them, through the development of the following key enabling technologies:

- advanced materials and nanotechnology;

- photonics and micro / nano electronics;

- advanced production systems;

- life science technologies;

- artificial intelligence;

- digital connection and security

within the following areas of intervention:

- manufacturing technologies;

- key digital technologies, including quantum technologies;

- emerging enabling technologies;

- advanced materials;

- artificial intelligence and robotics;

- circular industries;

- low carbon clean industry;

- rare and non-communicable diseases;

- infectious diseases, including neglected and poverty-related diseases;

- tools, technologies and digital solutions for health and care, including personalized medicine;

- industrial plants in the energy transition;

- industrial competitiveness in the transport sector;

- clean, safe and accessible mobility and transport;

- smart mobility;

- energy storage;

- food systems;

- bioinnovation systems in the Union's bioeconomy

- circular systems.

Types of incentives

A) Non-repayable grant

The facility consists of a non-repayable grant:

- 50% for industrial research costs and

- 25% for experimental development.

Projects presented with research organizations benefit from a 10% increase (5% for large companies).

Even the Italian Regions (they are 20) can contribute with an allocation of at least 5% of the eligible expenses.

B) Loan at a subsidized rate

Companies can also apply for a subsidized loan up to a limit of 20% of the total eligible expenses.

Expenses eligible for incentives

Expenses related to:

- technical staff, researchers and other auxiliaries employed in the R&D activity, employee or in a collaboration relationship or research grant holder; employee expenses are allowed on the basis of standard costs (hourly cost between € 27 and € 75);

- newly manufactured tools and equipment, for depreciation rates to the extent and for the period in which they are used for the project;

- consultancy and other services used for the project activity, including the acquisition or licensing of research results, patents and know-how;

- overheads, calculated on a flat-rate basis, to the extent of 25% of the direct costs eligible for the project;

- materials used for carrying out the project.

Eligible expenses must be:

- not less than € 5,000,000;

- incurred after submitting the application;

- with a duration between 18 and 36 months.


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